Cement and Sand Screeds – m2 to kg or tons (1 m2 and total area)

Enter screed thickness in mm:

Screed density in kg/m3:

(for cement and sand screed, the average density is 1800 – 2000 kg/m3)

1 m2 of Sand and Cement Screed:

0.00kg (1 m2)
0.00t (1 m 2)

Enter the screed area (floor area) in m2:

Total weight of Sand and Cement Screed:


How to determine the weight of 1 m2 of sand and cement screed?

The weight of one meter of screed is equal to the thickness of the screed multiplied by the average density of sand and cement screed (average value 1800 – 2000 kg/m3).