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0.00kg⋅m (g=9.80665 m/s2)
0.00kg⋅m (g≈10 m/s2)

How to convert from kN⋅m to kg⋅m?

It is more correct to measure the moment of force in kgf⋅m (kilogram-force-meter). 1 kgf⋅m = 1 kg⋅m .

1 kN⋅m = 101.9716 kgf⋅m = 101.9716 kg⋅m (with the acceleration of free fall g = 9.80665 m/s2)

if rounded, then in 1 kN⋅m  ≈ 100 kgf⋅m ≈ 100 kg⋅m (with rounded free fall acceleration g ≈ 10 m/s2)

Thus, to calculate the moment of force in kgm, the value in kNm must be multiplied by 100 or more precisely 101.9716213