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Mass (weight) in pounds (lb):

Density in

Volume in US gallons (US gal):

0.00US gal

Density of some materials:

  • Air ≈ 0.01 lb/(US gal)
  • Aluminum = 22.53 lb/(US gal)
  • Concrete ≈ 20.03 lb/(US gal)
  • Diesel ≈ 7.09 lb/(US gal),
  • Gasoline (petrol) ≈ 5.93 lb/(US gal)
  • Steel = 65.51 lb/(US gal)
  • Water (4°C) = 8.345 lb/(US gal)

How to convert from lb to US gal?

The volume in US gallons is equal to the mass (weight) in pounds divided by the density in pounds per US gallon.


V = m / p

V – volume in US gallons (US gal);

m – mass (weight) in pounds (lb);

ρ – density in pounds per US gallon (lb/(US gal)).



Convert 100 lb to US gal if the density is 8.345 lb/(US gal).

Solution: V = m / p = 100 / 8.345 = 11.98 US gal. Answer: 100 lb = 11.98 gal (density = 8.345 lb/US gal)

In this calculator, density can be entered in the following units (click on density unit):

  • kilogram per cubic meter (kg/m³, kg/(cu m))
  • tons per cubic meter (t/m³, t/(cu m))
  • grams per milliliter (g/mL)
  • grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³, g/(cu cm), g/cc)
  • pound per cubic inch (lb/in³, lb/(cu in))
  • pound per cubic foot (lb/ft³, lb/(cu ft), lb/(cf))
  • pound per US liquid gallon (lb/US gal)
  • ounce per cubic inch (oz/in³, oz/(cu in))
  • ounce per cubic foot (oz/ft³, oz/(cu ft))
  • slug per cubic foot (slug/ft³, slug/(cu ft), slug/cf)