mm to m2 – Converter Millimeters to Square Meters and the total cost

Enter the width in mm (millimeters):

Enter the length in mm (millimeters):



Enter the price per 1m2 (cost per square meters):

The total cost of the entire area is:


How to convert millimeters to square meters?

In order to convert from millimeters to square meters, you need to multiply the width in millimeters by the length in millimeters and divide by 1 000 000.

__m2 = __mm x __mm / 1 000 000

According to the formula:

A = b * l / 1 000 000, where

A – area in m2;

b – width in mm (millimeters, millimetres);

l – length in mm (millimeters, millimetres).

The total cost is calculated using the formula:

TC = A * C 

TC – total cost;

A – area in m2;

C – price per 1 m2.