Convert slope from ppm (‰) to cm per m length  (ppm to cm/m) online

To convert the slope from ppm to cm in height per meter of length, just indicate the slope in ppm in the cells below:

Enter the slope in ppm (‰):

Conversion result to centimeters per meter length (cm per m, cm/m)

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How to translate the slope from ppm to cm per meter of length?

To find out how much the slope is in ppm, you need to familiarize yourself with the definition:

A ppm (‰) is one tenth of a percent or 1/1000.

A slope of 1 ‰ is equal to a slope of 0.1 cm in height for 1 m in length

1 ‰ = 0.1 cm / m (cm per meter length).