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List of hidden works and critical structures

In accordance with SP 48.13330.2011 Organization of construction. Updated edition of SNiP 12-01-2004 (Russian building standart):

Clause 6.13. The person carrying out the construction, in accordance with the legislation on urban development activities, must maintain the executive documentation:

“… certificates of examination of hidden works; …”

Clause 7.2.1. The results of the examination of the work hidden by subsequent work, in accordance with the requirements of the design and regulatory documentation, are documented by the inspection certificate of the hidden work [FZ-384], [RD 11-02-2006] (Russian building standart). The developer (technical customer) may require re-examination after elimination of the identified defects.

According to paragraph 5.3 of RD-11-02-2006 “… The list of hidden works to be examined is determined by the design and working documentation …”.

An approximate list of hidden works is given in the following sources:

  • Appendix 6 of the reference manual “Executive documentation in construction” Public Foundation “BUILDING QUALITY CENTER” St. Petersburg branch. 2008 year
    Appendix D “Practical guide on the organization and implementation of field supervision of the construction of enterprises, buildings and structures.” FSUE “TSENTRINVESTproekt”. GOSSTROY RUSSIA. Moscow. 2002 year
  • Appendix B “SP 45.13330.2017 Earthworks, foundations and foundations. Updated version of SNiP 3.02.01-87.”

Here is a list of certificates for the examination of hidden works in accordance with these annexes.

Reference manual “Executive documentation in construction”

Appendix 6

  1. Fulfillment of the works envisaged by the project for fixing the soil and preparing the foundations
  2. A fragment of the pits.
  3. Backfill notches
  4. Immersion of piles, shell piles, sheet piles, lowering wells and caissons.
  5. Joining of composite piles and piles-shells.
  6. Drilling all types of wells.
  7. Reinforcement of bored wells.
  8. Filling (injection) of bored wells.
  9. Arrangement of artificial foundations for foundations.
  10. Installation of formwork for concreting monolithic foundations, walls, columns, ceilings and coatings
  11. Reinforcement of reinforced concrete foundations, walls, columns, ceilings and coatings.
  12. Installation of anchors and embedded parts in monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures.
  13. Concreting of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete foundations, walls, columns, ceilings and coatings.
  14. Waterproofing foundations.
  15. Reinforcement of masonry walls, columns, partitions.
  16. Warming of the external enclosing structures.
  17. Installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete foundations, columns, crossbars, lintels, wall panels, floor slabs and coatings, landings and marches, ventilation units, balcony slabs.
  18. Anchoring of floor slabs and coatings.
  19. Monolithic mounting joints and nodes.
  20. Sealing joints of wall panels.
  21. Corrosion protection of welded joints
  22. Installation of window and door blocks.
  23. The device bases under the floors.
  24. The waterproofing carpet
  25. Soundproofing device for floors.
  26. Antiseptics and fire protection of wooden structures.
  27. Vapor barrier of the roof.
  28. Roof insulation
  29. The device of a rolled roofing (an act is drawn up for each layer).
  30. The device of roofing with metal sheets, metal tiles, corrugated asbofaner, etc.
  31. Installation of lightning protection and grounding devices.
  32. Installation of metal structures.
  33. Corrosion protection of metal structures.
  34. The installation of hinged facades.
  35. Preparation of the bases for the installation of top coatings for sidewalks, platforms, driveways, roads.
  36. Practical guide on the organization and implementation of field supervision
    for the construction of enterprises, buildings and structures

Practical guide on the organization and implementation of field supervision
for the construction of enterprises, buildings and structures

Appendix D

An approximate list of responsible building structures and works hidden by subsequent works and structures, acceptance which is executed by inspection certificates of responsible designs and certificates of examination of hidden works:

  1. Acceptance certificates of the geodetic alignment base for construction and geodetic alignment works for the laying of utility networks.
  2. Act of survey of foundations foundation soils.
  3. The act of geodetic breakdown of the axes of a building.
  4. Act on the installation of a sand cushion under the foundations (if it is provided for by the working drawings).
  5. An act on the preparation of foundations.
  6. The act of reinforcing foundations.
  7. Act on waterproofing foundations.
  8. Act of acceptance of materials and survey of structures for bored piles.
  9. Act on the examination of anchor rods before their installation and backfill.
  10. The act of inspecting piles or sheet piling before diving.
  11. Act of acceptance of a pile foundation or sheet pile.
  12. Act on grillage device.
  13. Act on reservoir drainage device.
  14. Act on the installation of wall drainage.
  15. Act on the device of a monolithic reinforced concrete base plate.
  16. Act on the installation of basement wall blocks.
  17. The act of vertical waterproofing.
  18. Same horizontal.
  19. The act of accepting foundations for columns.
  20. The act of monoling columns in the foundations.
  21. Act on the installation of all reinforced concrete and metal elements (including: bridges, girders, crossbars, columns, trusses, floors and coatings, prefabricated partitions, stiffness diaphragms, crane tracks and beams, all reinforced concrete structures, engineering networks, balcony and bay windows, visors for entrances, stairwell structures, cornice and parapet, elevator shafts, wall panels, ventilation units).
  22. Act of survey of formwork before concreting.
  23. Act of acceptance of shotcrete work.
  24. The act of reinforcing masonry.
  25. The act of masonry walls and partitions.
  26. The act of testing the adhesion in the masonry of the bearing walls of stone buildings located in seismic areas.
  27. Act on the brickwork of walls and partitions erected in the winter.
  28. The act on the device of monolithic reinforced concrete structures performed in the winter.
  29. Act on the device of heat, sound, vapor barrier.
  30. The act on the device of furrows, niches and channels in the walls.
  31. Act on the device of window and door blocks.
  32. Act on the installation of garbage chutes.
  33. Act on the device porch.
  34. The act of antiseptic wood.
  35. The act on the device of coating, paint fire retardant coatings.
  36. The act of acceptance of building facades.
  37. Act on the device screed under the roof.
  38. Act on the installation of ruberoid carpet (a separate act on each layer of the soft roof).
  39. The act of installing all the finishes on the facades, at the roof level.
  40. The act on the device of the rafter roof (element-wise on the beds, racks, struts, rafter legs, filly, Mauerlat, crate, asbestos-cement flooring).
  41. Act on sealing joints of wall panels.
  42. The act of concreting monolithic sections of floors and coatings.
  43. The act on the lightning protection device of buildings and structures and grounding, including:
  44. Act on the connection of grounding conductors to down conductors and down conductors to lightning rods;
  45. The act of the results of measurements of the resistances of the current industrial frequency of grounding conductors of free-standing lightning rods.
  46. Act of acceptance of electrical work on the device of internal and external networks.
  47. An act on an outdoor lighting device.
  48. The act on the telephone conduit device.
  49. Same as telephony.
  50. Act of inspection of open trenches for laying underground engineering networks.
  51. Act of acceptance and testing of external water supply;
  52. The same, internal.
  53. Same as hot water.
  54. Acceptance certificate of a water meter assembly.
  55. The act of acceptance and testing of external storm and household sewage.
  56. Same internal.
  57. Act on the device of tubular drainage.
  58. The act of protecting cable networks with slabs or full clay brick.
  59. The act of powdering manually underground underground pipelines and cable networks.
  60. Act on the installation and grounding of bathtubs.
  61. The act of checking the water supply, sewerage and adjustment of plumbing fixtures.
  62. Act on the insulation of pipelines.
  63. The act of verifying a test of a heating system.
  64. The act of thermal testing of a heating system.
  65. The act of checking the ventilation system.
  66. Same pneumatic conveying.
  67. Acts on the performance of compaction (sealing) of the conclusions and releases of utilities in places of their passage through the underground part of the outer walls of buildings.
  68. Acts on the testing of devices providing explosion safety and fire safety.
  69. Acts of individual testing and comprehensive testing of equipment, etc.
  70. The act of individual testing of electrochemical protection installations.
  71. Act on control measurements to verify the absence of harmful effects of electrochemical protection devices.
  72. The act of comprehensive testing of an electrochemical corrosion protection system.
  73. Act on the production and results of cleaning the cavity of pipelines.
  74. The act of testing pipelines for strength.
  75. The act of checking pipelines for leaks.
  76. The act of intermediate acceptance of bridge supports, overpasses, etc.
    Intermediate Act

SP 45.13330.2017 Earthworks, foundations and foundations

Appendix B

B.1.1 Earthwork:

a) the construction of natural foundations for earthworks, foundations, pipelines in pits, trenches or on the surface of the earth;

b) the implementation of the engineering measures stipulated by the taxiway or engineering measures to fix the soils and prepare the bases (cementation, etc., soaking, draining the bases, arranging thermal or soil piles, damping the keys, filling cracks, arranging soil pillows, etc. .);

c) structures included in the body of the earthworks; layers of transition zones and reverse filters of dams, dams; established by the RD boundaries of the zones of the layout of soils with differing physical and mechanical characteristics; drainage elements (drainage layers and their bases, wells, pipelines and their sprinkling); apertures; screens kernels; underlying layers during the installation of instrumentation;

d) backfill excavations at intersections with roads, sidewalks and other areas with road surface;

e) bulk bases for floors, soil cushions;

e) backfill in subsidence soils (if indicated in the taxiway);

g) the measures necessary for the resumption of work during breaks in the conduct of work for more than 1 month, during the conservation and re-conservation of work;

i) maps prepared for the reclamation and plugging of spillway devices after the end of the reclamation.

B.1.2 Arrangement of foundations and foundations:

a) the installation of artificial foundations for foundations, including the bottom of pits (including after preliminary soaking), foundations of lowering wells, caissons, foundations of bored piles, etc .;

b) the immersion of piles, shell piles and sheet piles, as well as lowering wells and caissons;

c) work related to the docking of piles and piles-shells, as well as joints between precast reinforced concrete elements;

d) drilling of all types of wells;

d) tamping hard material into the bottom of foundation pits (crushed stone, gravel);

f) filling wells in the construction of soil and sand piles;

g) arrangement of vertical drains and all types of drains and drainage curtains;

i) immersion of needle filters and all types of injectors;

j) preparation of injection and grouting solutions and their injection;

k) all types of reinforcing work during further concreting of structures, as well as the installation of embedded parts and details;

m) grouting of cavities of thixotropic shirts when arranging lowering wells.